Other Author Services

Other Author Services provided by BookCRITICO are Proofreading, Beta Reading, and Review services. By clicking on the image of the required service below, it will guide you to the relevant service page. Alternatively, select the service you are interested in, from the main navigation drop-down menu, this will also open the desired page.


Your masterpiece is finally finished! Beta readers have sampled your work. Ready to submit it for proofreading? BookCRITICO offers a comprehensive proofreading service.

Beta Reading

Your masterpiece is finally finished! Now what? The next step in your creative process is to engage with a good beta reader. Also known as a pre-reader or critique. Individuals who love books are avid readers, fans of specific genres, eat, breath and dream books. Books and the tales within are so to speak their … Continue reading Beta Reading

Review Request

Writing a book is hard work. It is a work of passion. It is a work of art. It takes a lot of time and energy. No matter the topic, length, genre or writing style.  Authors take months or years to complete and publish their pieces. Sleepless nights of research, writing, re-writing, spending time on … Continue reading Review Request