Beta Reading

Your masterpiece is finally finished! Now what?

The next step in your creative process is to engage with a good beta reader. Individuals who love books are avid readers, fans of specific genres and who read so many books that they easily spot inconsistencies, poor flow in the storyline, character flaws, lack in world-building, typos etc.

The beta reader will read your manuscript pre-publication and before you submit it for copy-editing and proofreading. The purpose of having your book beta read is to receive a neutral, honest, unbiased, objective opinion of the material. This allows you as an author to make the necessary improvements or adjustments.


The BookCRITICO℠ Beta Reading Service is inclusive of inline comments, light proofreading and a comprehensive report detailing clear actionable recommendations, covering the following:

  • Opening Scene
  • Characterisation and Motivation
  • Plot and Conflict
  • Pacing
  • Setting and Worldbuilding
  • Dialogue
  • Craft
  • Overall Impression of the work of art
  • Suggested improvements on mentioned points
  • Pick up on noticed grammar and typos, and highlight these

Looking forward to sampling your work of art!

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