Cover Design

Does your book’s cover impact on the success of it? The answer is yes! People are visual creatures. Pretty attract. Ugly distract or offend.

You have created a masterpiece. The storyline is perfect. Compliment it with a beautifully designed cover. This is part of your marketing material for your book.

BookCRITICO‘s designs are unique. Designs are created in the latest Adobe Photoshop software, using hi-quality royalty-free photographic stock images from numerous reputable stock photography suppliers. All images carry a CC0 License and are available to use for personal and commercial purposes.

BookCRITICO offers two Book Cover Design options, Premade or Custom.

Have any questions about ordering a Book Cover Design from BookCRITICO? View our FAQ page for clarity.

Premade Book Covers to choose from, for both Fiction and Non-Fiction genres!

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