How do you design a Book Cover?
BookCRITICO design book covers using and manipulating hi-quality royalty-free photographic stock images to create unique graphics with specialist design software. All images carry a CC0 License and are available to use for personal and commercial purposes.

Can I order an illustrated cover?
BookCRITICO does NOT offer illustrated book cover designs.

What information must I supply when I want to order a Book Cover?
BookCRITICO will require:

  • book title
  • author name
  • tag line
  • series/other
  • publishing platform
  • book size and qty pages post-formatting, white or cream inner pages, if it is a print book

What size will my cover be?
eBook Cover design specs meet the requirement of eBook publishing platforms. The master artwork is designed at 3125 x 4167 pixels (300 dpi). BookCRITICO supply a second file at 72 dpi, for the thumbnail which potential buyers see on online publishing platforms, e.g., Amazon, Smashwords, etc.

The cover can be rescaled to any size you need, as long as you specify it up front when ordering.

Print Wrap design specs must be provided by the author as this is different for each book, depending on the book size, number of pages, publishing platform, etc.

What is the design timeline?

  • Premade: 5-10 working days
  • Custom design: 10-15 working days

These are estimated timelines, as it depends on the BookCRITICO design schedule. If you need your Book Cover sooner, contact me and I can confirm if it is possible to facilitate a faster turnaround.

How many concept designs do I receive to choose from for my Custom Designed Book Cover?
When you order a custom cover, you must be as clear as possible about your requirements and expectations. One concept design is created and tweaked accordingly until it meets your approval. We appreciate, happy, satisfied customers.

Where do you source photographic stock images from?

  • BookCRITICO source hi-quality royalty-free stock images from numerous reputable stock photography suppliers. All images carry a CC0 License and are available to use for personal and commercial purposes.
  • The cost of stock photos from these sites is included in the total design cost of your eBook Cover.
  • If you require photos from other stock photography suppliers, these will be at an additional cost.
  • Photos supplied by yourself requires proof of ownership, and an official signed model and/or property release if any appear in the photo.

Are designs recycled?
No, once a cover is sold, it is removed from the BookCRITICO website. Premade or Custom designed Book Covers are once off creations. The same stock photos could be used on multiple covers but are manipulated in such a way that every design is unique.

Will there be any restrictions on using my cover?
Stock photography licensing allows you to sell up to 500,000 copies of your book without any restrictions. Should more than 500,000 copies be sold, the author is required to buy an Extended License for every stock photo used. License Agreements are published on the various stock photography sites used.

How do I credit BookCRITICO as the Cover Designer in my book?
If you credit BookCRITICO in your book, use the following:

“Cover Design, Luculle Stols, BookCRITICO”

Should you wish NOT to credit BookCRITICO, please DO NOT list yourself or anyone else as the cover designer in your book.

Do I receive an editable design file when my cover is completed?
BookCRITICO do not supply layered editable design files as part of its Book Cover design service.

Orders and Payment
All orders are placed via the BookCRITICO Shop

Does BookCRITICO have a cancellation and refund policy?

  • Yes, BookCRITICO does have a cancellation and refund policy, it is listed the BookCRITICO Shop terms and conditions.