Our Story

BookCRITICO℠ aka Luculle Stols – attention to detail and professionalism is key to my work ethic. I have been collaborating with Authors on their book projects since 2014. Being a Copywriter, Proofreader, Beta Reader, Blogger and Design Generalist qualify me to assist you with the essential elements in your publishing process.

Self-published Authors and Indie Authors have benefited by working with me to prepare their non-fiction, fiction and poetry manuscripts for final publishing. Past projects included various creative services or a combination of:

  • beta reading
  • proofreading and editing
  • manuscript layout, design and formatting
  • book cover design for both ebooks and print on demand books
  • Amazon platform upload
  • social media marketing content creation for book promotion
  • setup of integrated social media profiles and author website/blog (WordPress, Wix, Squarespace)

Up Close and Personal

My background in corporate communication, public relations, digital marketing and design, stretches over two decades. I am a Copywriter, Proofreader, Beta Reader and Blogger. As a Design Generalist, I absolutely love the creative element of my world, creating something from nothing.

I am a Book Slave of note and have been devouring books from a very young age. Books help me to relax and escape the craziness of this world. I also learn a lot. Cover design, pages, smell, feel and look, fuel my passion! Growing up, the library was my favourite place. The intoxicating smell, just to walk through the isles and run my hand over the spines of thousands of beautifully bound books was a treat. Book covers fascinate me. The first thing I do when picking up a book or viewing an ebook is to study the cover. Images, font, colour, design flow and how the cover design matches the book title. How it can either entice or discourage a reader to pick it up and start exploring the adventure hidden between the pages.

With the onset of modern technology, nowadays I mostly read on Kindle or iPad, favouring various genres. I enjoy crime fiction, fantasy, thrillers, paranormal and mysteries, but don’t limit myself to these genres.

Self-confessed Creative Geek, I live with my two dogs Madam Roza and Dame Lola, two bicycles and a cupboard full of gadgets and gear. Licensed spandex brigade member, and adventurer at heart, I am a mountain biker often participating in races either one day or multi-stage. The races are sometimes tough, but so worthwhile and exhilarating, taking me to the most beautiful places. My blog Real Life REBEL, explores this side of my world.

My other interests are a love for nature and wild animals. Absolutely love road trips, and on slow days you will find me scratching in my garden. Herbs, veggies and roses are my favourites. I love cooking, often bake, do try to keep it healthy, but who can resist sampling delicious food, red wine, whisky and per occasion, CHOCOLATE …

Living Between Pages – Luculle Stols