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Writing a book is hard work. It is a work of passion. It is a work of art. It takes a lot of time and energy. No matter the topic, length, genre or writing style.  Authors take months or years to complete and publish their pieces. Sleepless nights of research, writing, re-writing, spending time on author supported hubs and social pages, getting input and opinions of like-minded individuals. As an author, ready to share a masterpiece with the world, you want to ensure that the world is ready to accept and not reject.

Often, authors rely on the income their work will generate, either wholly or partially. As a writer, you want to gauge the response of your target audience. The only way to do this is to get an unbiased opinion of your work, through copy-editing and proofreading services as well as contracted beta reading services and honest book reviews.

This is where BookCRITICO connects with authors. BookCRITICO provides honest feedback on your work of art.

BookCRITICO is currently open to receiving Advance Reading Copies and Review Copies of books. We only accept material in electronic format. Self-published books are also welcome.

Review Policy

  • Delivery: 2-5 Weeks (This can be shorter, depending on schedule and workload).
  • BookCRITICO will read the complete book and write a full review report (approximately 250-400 words). The report will be the professional, honest, unbiased opinion of the reviewer, which can be positive, negative or neutral.
  • The book will be rated with one to five stars based on quality and excellence.
  • The review is featured on BookCRITICO and will include a link to the author’s website or blog, Facebook page as well as Goodreads and Amazon profiles.
  • Review/link to the review is also posted on:
    1. Goodreads
    2. Netgalley (If the book was awarded to BookCRITICO through this platform)
    3. Twitter
    4. Facebook
    5. Instagram
  • Authors have permission to reprint the review provided no words are changed, and BookCRITICO is credited.

The Process

  1. Complete the detailed Book Review Request Form below, and submit.
  2. When BookCRITICO receives your request, you will be notified of available review slots and requested to submit an electronic copy of your publication to BookCRITICO.
  3. Next, you will receive confirmation of receipt of the review copy.
  4. Once the review is completed, BookCRITICO will present you with a Book Review Report including the promo links of the various platforms mentioned above.

Review Rating

When reviews are posted, the star rating system is used. This is in line with most of the major review platforms.

Review Request? Complete the Form below, we’ll be in touch!